Season 2 Episode 43: Please Hold

May 6th, 2018


They killed the foes behind the gate. But now the team will separate. Three paths to choose, Cliff flips the coin. But not all the others want to join. What familiar faces will they find? And what will they do with the man who’s blind? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 42: Tunnel Vision

April 29th, 2018


The gang now wanders down the stream. They search to find their rival’s scheme. Cliff is looking for his boar. While the others look to settle the score. Will the stream lead them out? Or deeper down the tunnel’s route? Tune in to find out! 

Season 2 Episode 41: Cliff Hanger

April 22nd, 2018

We re-entered the story on a new stranger. His name is Cliff and he’s a human ranger. He was bound in chains without a chance. But the group couldn’t see him at first glance. Down below they had to go. And fight or dodge a dangerous foe. Will they succeed and free this man? And will they discover they’re rivals’ plan? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 40: Ranger Danger

April 15th, 2018


Brimbli used Sleep to knock out the cook. So behind a secret door they look. What will they find and who will they meet? Will they press on or will they retreat? They try not to fight, just to be quiet. But talking too much they cause quite a riot. They have to use magic; they don’t have a choice. The big question is, who’s that new voice? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 39: Struggle at the Saloon of Secret Sea

April 8th, 2018


Reunited after Brimbli finishes his spell book, the gang sets off to the Saloon of Secret Sea to see what suspicious situation has been stirring. Slyly, they decide not to surrender all of their weapons this time. But what about the sketchy stalker? What will they find in the Saloon? And what is Gunta really capable of? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 38: Old, Wise, and Dead

April 1st, 2018


Returning to the Bar of the Barking Bard, the group sees some notes left on K-k’s job board. Deciding that Gunta is part of the party now, Win-Darr and Korath bring him to Brimbli’s room and they sums up their entire adventure and show Gunta all their secret magic stuff. However, they still have a lot of catching up to do. Who are the people in the pink bandanas? Who wrote that mean note? And what new words will Korath learn? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 37: Half-Baked Plans

March 25th, 2018


After stopping a fight between a halfling and a dwarf, Korath got some more information from the other goliath they had seen in the bar. Win-Darr continued to have no concept of money and Emit called upon the help of other creatures like Thonk. Gunta, as always, was writing everything down. Will his notes help the group? Will they find out what’s going on behind the closed doors in the Saloon of Secret Sea? And why is that halfling so angry? Tune in to find out!

Nilbog’s Tavern: This Is Gonna Hurt

March 18th, 2018


Hi everyone! Steven and Owen were guests on a podcast from the guys who make Sea Dogs Podcast called Nilbog's Tavern. Check it out!





Season 2 Episode 36: Water Is Expensive

March 18th, 2018


Korath, Win-Darr and Gunta have just entered the Saloon of Secret Sea after surrendering all of their weapons. Looking for more information about Toko’s whereabouts, they meet Emit, the magical bartender. What information will they find? What’s happening to Etrun’s water? And will Brimbli ever finish copying spells? Tune in to find out!

Season 2 Episode 35: Tortle See, Tortle Do

March 11th, 2018

While Brimbli is busy copying spells, Korath, Win-Darr and Gunta set off into town to find intel. They head to the low city on a lead, but what will they find? Will Gunta ever get used to Etrun's customs? And how much more will Korath's gratuities grow? Tune in to find out! 

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